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1. Please obtain a GHL Application Form from our office, by post, or download it from our website Before submitting your application, please note the following

      i. Confirm that no more than approximately 40% of your salary shall be used to make the monthly mortgage repayments

      ii. You will be required to take out life/mortgage protection insurance. If you are above 55 years, enquire from our insurers about your premium will be prior submitting an application

      iii. If you are self-employed please note that we will require confirmation of your earnings – tax returns, pay slips, other evidence of cash drawings

2. Submit the completed Application Form (and the attachments), and pay the Processing Fee of $200, or its cedi equivalent (do contact GHL for the prevailing exchange rate) either in person, by post, or by bank transfer.

3. Within 72 hours of the receipt of the completed GHL Application Form (and the attachments), you will receive a Letter of Intent indicating the terms of GHL’s offer, the process and the cost to completion as well as a request for further information, if any. GHL may also at this stage notify you of the rejection of the application, if relevant.

4. On acceptance of the Letter of Internet, you must pay $450, or its cedi equivalent, to cover surveying & valuation of the property and for the verification of the true owner of the property by a lawyer and at the Lands Commission &/ or Land Title Registry

5. Thereafter GHL will verify your identity, income, affordability and credit history. Please note that we may contact you for further clarifications or documentation.

Furthermore, any information submitted in a language other than English would have to be officially translated and the cost passed to the applicant.

6. Upon a satisfactory verification exercise, GHL shall issue you a Facility Letter showing the final terms of our offer and the conditions. The Facility Letter would be copied to the seller/ developer where applicable.

7. On acceptance of the Facility Letter a date will be arranged at which GHL shall meet with you to sign all the relevant loan documents and pay the loan proceeds to the Seller.

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